Publication du mémorandum d'information - Information memorandum released

Fosmax LNG plans to hold a subscription window from 26th of June 2017 to 21th of July 2017 to sell 50 reloading slots per year dedicated to small scale LNG vessels for the period of 2019-2030.

Fosmax LNG pursues its project

Following a call for expressions of interest launched in February 2017, Fosmax LNG has received very positive market signals, confirming as such the need for a small scale reloading service available in 2019 at its Fos Cavaou LNG terminal.

A 50% price drop for short term subscription

The Deliberation of the French Energy Regulatory Commission of 18 January 2017, forming a decision on the tariffs for the use of regulated LNG terminals, has renewed the transitional measures until the creation a single gas market place in France. These measures were already in place in 2015 in view of the tensions observed on the gas market in the South (Trading Region South market place).

Fosmax LNG a mis à la vente du 30 janvier 2017 au 27 février 2017 les capacités d’accès disponibles au terminal de Fos Cavaou, soit 0,825 Gm3 /an pour la période du 1er avril 2017 au 31 mars 2030.

Service de chargement de micro-méthaniers

Afin de contribuer au développement du GNL maritime, Fosmax LNG envisage de réaliser des investissements à court/moyen terme afin d’adapter ses installations existantes et pouvoir ainsi accueillir la plupart des micro-méthaniers existants ou en projet au terminal méthanier de Fos Cavaou.

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