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Fosmax LNG provides clear tariffs for all its services

You can find all of the tariffs applied by Fosmax LNG, but here are some examples of real-life tariff situations.

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Regasification services (unloading)

When you wish to unload a cargo of LNG, you subscribe for a regasification service. The price you agree to pay for that service is then calculated as follows:

P = TNA x ND + TQD x QD

  • Example of the tariff charged to unload 1TWh at Fos Cavaou (ND = 1 / QD = 1 TWh)
Price proportional to the Quantity Unloaded TNA x ND €100k €100k
Price proportional to the number of Unloading Operations TQD x QD  €1,289k €0,966k
Total cost of the transaction   €1,389k €1,066k


The tariff terms charged for unloading small LNG carriers are identical to those for standard LNG carriers, with the exception of the fixed mooring fee of €50,000.


Flat send-out option

If you want your cargo to be sent out to the gas transmission grid following regasification on the basis of a uniform profile over a period ranging from 20 to 40 days, you must subscribe to the flat send-out option. The price is then calculated using the following formula:

P = QD x TB

For a standard cargo (QD = 1 TWh), the shipper will pay €70,000.


Reloading service

If you want to reload an LNG cargo at the Fos Cavaou terminal, the price charged for the reloading operation will be calculated as follows:

P = TNA + TFR + TQR x QR

  • Sample tariff for reloading a standard cargo (QR = 1 TWh)
Price proportional to the number of reloading operations  TNA  €100k
Fixed price for the reloading operation TFR TFR  €120k
Price proportional to the quantity reloaded TQR x QR  €320k
Total cost of the transaction    €540k


Pooling service

If you want to use the service that facilitates pooling between regulated terminals, you must pay a fee to use the service, and that fee is calculated as follows:

P = S – 0.9 x C

The price charged for the pooling operation cannot be less than the TNA or 10% of the non-pooling subscription (0.1 * S), whichever is the higher.

Example of tariff

pooling VUK nouveaux tarifs


Monthly dedicated storage

The tariff for monthly dedicated storage space is calculated as follows:


For example, the price for an additional 5 GWh of dedicated storage (QSM) for a given month is €5,000.


Tariff for access to the small LNG carrier reloading service

For reloading small LNG carriers, the price charged is composed by a fix term €50,000 and a proportional one (TQRMM)  €0.5/MWh applied to the quantities reloaded(QRMM).

P = 50,000 + TQRMM x QRMM

Example of tariff:

  Price (€)
Reloading 7,500 m3 of LNG (QRMM = 50 GWh)  75,000
Reloading 4,000 m3 of LNG (QRMM = 26.8 GWh) 63,400

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