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Reschedule your subscription later in the year using the SMART service

The SMART system gives you even more logistic flexibility. With any subscription of at least one cargo unloading operation, Fosmax LNG offers you access to the subscription account. This system offers you flexibility over time by providing the option to reschedule your subscription whenever you wish during the year at no additional cost.

Example :

  1. I am a shipper and subscribe to an unloading for the month of September
  2. By 20 July of the same year at the latest, I may ask to cancel my unloading
  3. My subscription is automatically credited to my Subscription Account
  4. I can reprogram at any time in the year my unloading during monthly * or intra-monthly program requests **

* monthly program request: request sent by the sender to the operator on the 20th of month M-1 for the scheduling of its unloading operations for month M
** intra-monthly request: requests which reach the operator after the 20th of month M-1 and until the end of month M for all transactions of month M

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