Dedicated storage


Your own dedicated storage space guaranteed for the year

Subscribing for a cargo unloading operation using the SMART regasification service automatically gives you a contractual dedicated storage space. This space is allocated to you for the rest of the calendar year in which the unloading operation takes place.

Allocation of storage capacity at the Fos Cavaou terminal

The LNG storage capacity of the Fos Cavaou terminal is 330,000 m3.

  1. A "shared" space: it belongs to nobody in particular. This storage allows Fosmax LNG to manage discontinuous deliveries of LNG and the transmission of the terminal on the gas grid.
  2. A dedicated space: Within the global storage, this storage space is dedicated personally to each SMART customer. The stored LNG belongs to them fully, this one can not be recharged or put on the gas grid by Fosmax LNG.
  3. A non-exploitable space: this space corresponds to the LNG heel of the tanks. The LNG stock in this area is not commercially exploited.

Every month, we market an additional unallocated dedicated storage space. In 2017, 10 GWh per month are offered on this basis.

Please visit the summary of total terminal capacity on the 'Capacity available on our site’ page.


Obtaining a dedicated storage space

There are two ways of obtaining dedicated storage:

Contracted storage space
Subscribing for X TWh at the terminal makes you eligible to claim X GWh of storage. An allocation rule is applied as part of your subscription to the SMART service.

Monthly storage space
Since the Fos Cavaou terminal is only subscribed at 90%, the remaining storage space of 10% is restricted to customers and is re-introduced on a monthly basis.


What can dedicated storage be used for?

Your dedicated storage space can be used to:

  • change your send-out of gas to the natural gas transmission grid

Allocated and determined on the basis of LNG deliveries to the terminal, your send-out of natural gas to the transmission grid can be changed at any time when you have your own dedicated storage.
Perhaps you have no send-out requirement and have notified the terminal operator of that fact, or perhaps you need more... It’s no problem, because you can inject LNG into your dedicated storage space or withdraw gas from it as and when you wish. That way, you can tailor your send-out volumes very closely to your daily requirements.

  • assign your stored - but unused – capacity

Your dedicated storage capacity can be assigned to shippers in the secondary market.

  • reload the LNG held in your storage space onto a small LNG carrier or road tanker

If you do not wish to regassify your LNG, you can reload it in its liquid state.

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