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For information, aggregated monthly nominations for unloading operations, net from reloads, received on 20/06/2022 for July 2022 were totalizing:

  • 9 700 GWh at 25°C.

Scheduling value (Unloading & Reloading) *

Updated : 05 July 2022

Fos Cavaou

  jan-22 feb-22 mar-22 apr-22 may-22 june-22 july-22 aug-22 sept-22 oct-22 nov-22 dec-22
Unloaded shipments 9 7 11 13 12 4 9 10 10
Reloaded shipments 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

(*) Best forecast at the date of publication, based on customer data.

The data on quantities unloaded and the number of vessels received by the terminal is updated monthly.

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Daily issue, flow-rate, inventory and capacity

In accordance with European regulation (EC) 715/2009, Fosmax LNG has, since 3 March 2011, provided on a daily basis the natural gas transmission system operator GRTgaz with the following data:

Historic data for the quantities injected into the grid by the Fos Cavaou terminal can therefore be easily obtained by visiting the SmartGRTgaz website.


This data can also be viewed using the module provided by Fosmax LNG.


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Updated 06 July 2022 at 14:07:59

Gas Flows and Inventories

* Information available from 3rd March 2011


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Transparency requirements

“LNG and storage system operators shall make public the amount of gas in each storage or LNG facility, or group of storage facilities if that corresponds to the way in which the access is offered to system users, inflows and outflows, and the available storage and LNG facility capacities, including for those facilities exempted from third-party access. That information shall also be communicated to the transmission system operator, which shall make it public on an aggregated level per system or subsystem defined by the relevant points. The information shall be updated at least daily”.
Extract from EC Regulation 715/2009.