Maintenance schedule

Terminal operations: reliability guaranteed thanks to regular maintenance work

The most important priority of Fosmax LNG is the constant detailed attention paid to the operational safety of its terminal. So maintenance work is carried out every year to maintain our facilities at a very high level of reliability.


What effect does maintenance have on facility availability?

Maintenance work at the Fos Cavaou terminal may have implications for its ability to receive ships and/or the send-out flow rate available at a given time.
To minimise these effects, Fosmax LNG schedules its work in coordination with the operators of adjacent infrastructures and in compliance with all applicable regulations.


Planning ahead for terminal maintenance work

Please refer to the future planned maintenance schedules for further details of send-out shutdowns, reductions in regasification capacity, etc.



Fos Cavaou works schedule 2022 (updated on 29/09/2021)



Fos Cavaou works schedule 2023 (updated on 29/09/2021)


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