Transfer your LNG from ship to ship at Fos Cavaou and enjoy a series of benefits


Since 1 December 2015, Fosmax LNG has offered a transshipment service at its terminal. This service is provided under the terms of an exclusive partnership between Fosmax LNG and Teekay Marine Solutions Ltd (formerly SPT Marine Services), the global leader in LNG cargo transshipment.


Flexibility and efficiency

In order to give its LNG customers greater flexibility, Fosmax LNG offers the opportunity to transfer LNG via cryogenic hoses between carriers rafted alongside the terminal jetty. The boil-off gas released by the transfer process is reincorporated by the terminal to boost operational and environmental efficiency.

  • The maximum transfer rate is 4,500 m3/h
  • The transshipment is carried out in 3 to 4 days



Transshipment using onshore terminal infrastructures provides a high level of availability. The Fos Cavaou LNG terminal benefits from the favourable navigation conditions of the Mediterranean, with a jetty that is well protected from swell, virtually no tides and a dredged channel wide enough for two ships simultaneously... all supported by a high level of port services.

  • Your request can be formulated at any time
  • Fosmax LNG undertakes to reply within 3 days



The cargo transshipment experience and expertise of our partner Teekay Marine Solutions Ltd have enabled Fosmax LNG to develop all the procedures required to ensure the completely safe delivery of this new service.
With LNG infrastructures that have proven their reliability with the reception of more than 350 vessels since 2010, and one of the highest terminal usage rates in Europe, we are continually expanding our offer to provide LNG operators with ever-greater flexibility.


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