The bunkering vessels loading service

Fosmax LNG actively contributes to the development of LNG for mobility, an economical and environmentally friendly fuel that is fully in line with the energy transition.

The reloading of bunkering vessels from the terminal jetty is an essential link in the LNG supply chain. It also enables LNG to be supplied to islands that are not connected to the natural gas network.

Since September 2019, the Fos Cavaou terminal has been adapted to offer a more efficient service and open to a wide range of ships.

A project co-financed by the European Union


Our offer

The bunkering vessels reloading service concerns reloading needs at the berth for volumes of less than 20,000 m3.

It is open to vessels with a minimum overall length (LOA) of 100 m and a minimum manifold height of 14 m, subject to compatibility with terminal facilities.

50 reloads per year are available for sale, i.e. approximately one reload per week, which can be subscribed to at any time under the First Come First Served rule.

A maximum period of 24 hours is allocated to each top-up operation.

Rates for a bunkering vessels refill (volume < 20,000 m3)

Price for the berthing of the ship: 50 000 €
Price proportional to the quantity recharged: 0.5 €/MWh
=> 1 €/MWh ($0.35/mmbtu) for a cargo of 100 GWh reloaded