Fosmax LNG offers reloading service designed around maximum flexibility

To give you maximum flexibility in your strategic supply decisions, Fosmax LNG offers a reloading service operated within the most modular framework possible at one of the most competitive prices in the market.


The reloading stages

The optimum reloading period is 2 days.

  1. Send your reload request at any time to Fosmax LNG
  2. Unload your own ship or LNG that has been transferred to a tank with a third party shipper
  3. Recharge LNG at a rate of 4,000 m3 LNG / hr
          Fosmax LNG does not collect gas
          Your calling time is 48 hours to recharge a standard cargo (1 TWh)


Reloading charges

Price for vessel landing: 100 000 €
Fixed price: 120 000 €
Price proportional to the unloaded quantity: 0,32 € / MWh
=> Or 0.54 € / MWh ($ 0.17 / mmbtu) for a cargo of 1 TWh recharged

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