Cooling down / Gassing up

Complete peace of mind for your maintenance work, Fosmax LNG takes care of gassing up or cooling down your vessels

Fosmax LNG offers you vessel gassing up and cooling down services for optimum service recommissioning following maintenance work.


Gassing up

Have you just completed maintenance work on your LNG carrier? To get your vessel back into operation as quickly as possible, Fosmax LNG offers a tank gassing up service at the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal. For a standard size vessel, the gassing up service takes around 20 hours.


Cooling down

Having gassed up the tanks of your vessel, Fosmax LNG then offers you a cooling down service to reduce the temperature to approximately -130°C. The terminal can then supply the vessel with LNG to provide an operational heel of LNG. The majority of the boil-off gas released is reincorporated by the terminal to boost operational and environmental efficiency. For a standard size vessel, the cooling down service takes around 20 hours.

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