Contract for access to the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal

Would you like to unload or reload LNG using our terminal in the near future?

The contract for access to the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal sets out the conditions under which Fosmax LNG shall receive your vessels and defines all the services made available to you under the terms of your subscription. You shall also need to gain approval for any vessel that has not visited our terminal before. In order to further facilitate access to the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal, and for customers wishing to anticipate the steps, we offer you the possibility of signing a Master Agreement for which the capacities will be specified by an endorsement.

A new access contract since 1st April 2021

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LNG carrier approval

To access the Fos-Cavaou terminal, every LNG carrier must have successfully completed the approval procedure in accordance with the Appendix 3 set out in the access contract.

This approval procedure consists of:

  • an exchange of information
  • ship/shore interface testing and interface meeting
  • an unloading/reloading test
  • a vetting inspection of ship safety and ship scheduling conditions prior to each arrival at the terminal



Plan for your arrival

To make terminal access even easier, Fosmax LNG offers carriers the option to sign a framework agreement before arrival. This master agreement requires no financial commitment, and establishes no unloading obligation. It can subsequently be extended with additional clauses should you decide to subscribe for capacity.

Contrat cadre

Pour faciliter encore plus l’accès à son terminal, Fosmax LNG offre la possibilité aux expéditeurs de signer un contrat cadre en amont de leur visite. Il s’agit du Master agreement pour lequel aucun engagement financier n’est demandé et aucune obligation de déchargement n’est établie. Celui-ci peut ensuite être complété par avenant à l’occasion de la souscription de capacités.

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