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Oil & Gas Methane Partnership : an unprecedented commitment by French gas infrastructures to reduce their carbon footprint

Elengy, GRDF, GRTgaz, Storengy et Teréga join the Oil & Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) 2.0, a partnership launched by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) with the support of the European Commission. The OGMP's objective is to provide a framework to the companies of the oil and gas sectors for their efforts to reduce the methane emissions generated by their activity. The main French gas infrastructure operators jointly decided to partner with this initiative to highlight the progress already made by their industry and raising their objectives in this regard. They target an overall 45% reduction in methane emissions from infrastructure between 2016 and 2025.

A voluntary approach to achieve ambitious objectives

French gas operators, including their European subsidies operating infrastructures, confirm their commitment by joining the OGMP 2.0, in line with their support to the carbon neutrality objectives of the European Union and France, as well as with the European Strategy on Methane Emissions published on 14th October 2020. Building on this initiative, operators are strengthening their actions to eut down their emissions and improve the monitoring and reporting of these. That is why they will, as 2020, benefit from the "Gold Standard" defined in the OGMP 2.0. As part of the Partnership, they will actively cooperate and participate in best­practice sharing with other players of the sector.

Gas infrastructure operators committed to reduce the environmental impact of their sector
Thanks to their decarbonisation strategies, Elengy, GRDF, GRTgaz, Storengy and Teréga aim at mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact of their activities.
Iln 2016, methane emissions related to their gas infrastructure accounted for 0.26% of total national greenhouse gas emissions and less than 0.2% of the gas consumption in France. Operators have been implementing actions to detect and reduce fugitive emissions, contrai and reduce operational emissions, and prevent accidents.
The operators of gas infrastructures also contribute to the development of renewable gases which make it possible to reduce methane emissions from other sectors of activity such as agriculture or
waste. This dynamic is based on sectors which are already deployed at industrial scale (anaerobic digestion)
or still emerging (gasification of biomass, hydrothermal gasification), which produce renewable gas
from agricultural residues, waste of local territories or industrial waste.

About Elengy

Expert in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Elengy, part of the ENGIE Group, operates three regulated LNG terminals in France: Montoir-de-Bretagne on the Atlantic coast, Fos Cavaou and Fos Tonkin in the Mediterranean. As the gateway to Europe for LNG, the three sites offer the market optimum flexibility for unloading or loading any type of LNG carrier, transhipping between LNG carriers, loading tankers with LNG or regasifying LNG for injection into the transport network. With LNG, a readily available and competitive solution, Elengy contributes to the energy transition of manufacturers, transporters and energy suppliers who are committed to reducing their environmental footprint. Furthermore, Elengy is developing its services to increase the use of LNG and offer a carbon-neutral service by 2050.

Some key figures for 2019:  400 employees - Regasification capacity: more than 20 bcm per year - Unloaded energy quantity: over a third of the French demand - 250 LNG vessel calls

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About GRDF

GRDF is the leading manager of natural gas transmission networks in France, GRDF distributes natural gas each day to more than            11 million customers to ensure that they have gas when they need it, regardless of their supplier. This convenient, affordable, comfortable, and modern source of energy enables people to heat their homes, cook, and get around.

To provide this public service, GRDF builds, operates, and maintains the largest transmission network in Europe (201,716km) and develops it in more than 9,500 municipalities while ensuring the safety of people and property, as well as high-quality distribution.

Gas is a modern, affordable, economical energy that is increasingly respectful of the environment. With the rise of green gas, a renewable gas produced locally, the gas network is an essential link in the ecological transition. GRDF is an essential partner with local authorities to support them towards carbon neutrality through their choices of energy and sustainable mobility policies.

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About GRTgaz

GRTgaz is a European gas transmission leader and a world expert in gas systems. In France, the company operates more than 32,000 km of buried pipelines to transport gas from suppliers to consumers connected to its network (managers of public distribution systems that serve municipalities, power plants and more than 700 industrial sites). GRTgaz carries out public service missions to guarantee the continuity of gas transmission and offers its customers services providing access to the network and improving their energy performance. With its subsidiaries Elengy, the European leader in LNG terminal services, and GRTgaz Deutschland, the operator of the MEGAL transmission network in Germany, GRTgaz plays a key role in the European gas infrastructure scene. It also exports its know-how internationally, in particular thanks to the services developed by its research centre, RICE (Research & Innovation Center for Energy). As a player in the energy transition, GRTgaz invests in innovative solutions to accommodate as much renewable gas as possible on its network, including hydrogen, to provide support for these new sectors, and thus contribute to achieving carbon neutrality.

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About Storengy

Storengy, an ENGIE subsidiary, is one of the world leaders in underground natural gas storage. Drawing on 60 years of experience, Storengy designs, develops and operates storage facilities and offers its customers innovative products. The company owns 21 natural gas storage sites with a total capacity of 12.2 bn m3 in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Storengy is positioned today as a key player in the development of geothermal energy (heat/cold production and power generation), as well as in innovative production and storage solutions for low carbon energy (biomethane, hydrogen, etc.)

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About Teréga

Established in South-West France, at the crossroads between major European gas flows, Teréga has shared exceptional know-how for over 70 years in the development of gas transport and storage infrastructure. Today, it continues to develop innovative solutions to overcome the major energy challenges facing France and Europe. A true accelerator of the energy transition, Teréga operates over 5,000 km of pipelines and two underground storage reservoirs representing 16% of the French gas transport network and 24% of national storage capacities. In 2019, the company generated revenues of €500 million and employed around 650 people  

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