Elengy and its subsidiary Fosmax LNG, owner of the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal, now offer a liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker trucks loading service on the site. This station, with two loading bays, has been put into commercial service. The construction of the Fos Cavaou station was supported at 30% by European funding.

The ramp-up will be gradual, to reach 40 charging slots a day (a rate of 11 000 slots a year), in December 2019.

With the two bays of the Fos Tonkin terminal station, also operated by Elengy, the Fos LNG hub doubles its capacity to load tanker trucks to better respond the growing demand for retail LNG.

LNG serving the energy transition         
In response to the strong demand for cleaner energy, the transport of LNG by tankers trucks or "road-transported LNG" makes it possible to supply industrial sites not connected to the natural gas transmission network as well as landfill LNG distribution sites and maritime. By substituting for diesel, oil or coal, natural gas and LNG contribute to a very significant reduction of environmental pollution: no sulfur emissions (SOx) and almost elimination of particulate emissions (PM), very strong reduction of nitrogen (NOx) and strong dropping of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Fos terminals: a dynamic and evolving LNG hub        
With the two tanker trucks loading bays at Fos Tonkin, two bays at Fos Cavaou (and the possibility of additional extensions depending on customer needs), the Fos-sur-Mer LNG terminals are still developing a range of services responding as closely as possible to market developments.

Since September 2019, the terminal can also receive micro-tankers at its jetty. Completion of the wharf adaptation works was also 30% supported by European funding.

The bunker-vessels received at Fos Cavaou will offer LNG bunkering in the Port of Marseille-Fos and will also be able to deliver LNG to French and foreign Mediterranean ports.


About Elengy

A pioneer in liquefied natural gas (LNG), Elengy is a subsidiary of GRTgaz within the ENGIE Group.

Leader in LNG terminal services in Europe, Elengy is at the service of all energy suppliers wishing to import liquefied natural gas to supply French and European markets. Elengy operates and develops three LNG terminals in France: Montoir-de-Bretagne on the Atlantic coast; Fos Tonkin and Fos Cavaou on the Mediterranean coast.

Some benchmarks for 2019 :

400 employees
Regasification capacity: 21.25 Gm3
LNG storage capacity: 770,000 m3
Quantity of energy received: more than 22% of French consumption
11 000 tanker trucks loadings/ year - 1/3 of the world fleet (240 different LNG carriers)

Fosmax LNG, owner of the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal, is a 70% subsidiary of Elengy alongside Total.

For further information : www.elengy.com   Elengy and www.fosmax-lng.com FosmaxLNG

Press contact : Valérie Gentil, Head of Communications

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April confirms the return of LNG in Europe with new emission records!


In the current market trend in Europe, Elengy LNG terminals achieved emission record in March.

Fos Cavaou LNG terminal has established a historic performance in March: 7.5 TWh. This is the best result ever recorded by the terminal.

The Elengy LNG terminals delivered an amount of energy equivalent to the production of 25 nuclear units throughout the month.

In a press release published on Tuesday, 20th November 2018, the Port of Marseille Fos announces that it has worked with the economic players in the LNG sector on the feasibility of an operational LNG fuelling solution in Marseille and Fos.

To support the sea transport industry in its efforts to combat climate change, Elengy and its subsidiary Fosmax LNG, owner of the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal, are adapting the terminal to offer a new LNG (*) bunker-vessel loading service.

As part of the energy transition and given the strong demand for cleaner energy, Elengy and its subsidiary Fosmax LNG, owner of the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal, have recently decided to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker loading station at the Fos Cavaou terminal.

Fosmax LNG plans to hold a subscription window from 26th of June 2017 to 21th of July 2017 to sell 50 reloading slots per year dedicated to small scale LNG vessels for the period of 2019-2030.

Fosmax LNG pursues its project

Following a call for expressions of interest launched in February 2017, Fosmax LNG has received very positive market signals, confirming as such the need for a small scale reloading service available in 2019 at its Fos Cavaou LNG terminal.

A 50% price drop for short term subscription

The Deliberation of the French Energy Regulatory Commission of 18 January 2017, forming a decision on the tariffs for the use of regulated LNG terminals, has renewed the transitional measures until the creation a single gas market place in France. These measures were already in place in 2015 in view of the tensions observed on the gas market in the South (Trading Region South market place).

Fosmax LNG has organized between the 30th of January and the 27th of February the sale of the access capacities at the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal, corresponding to 0,825 bcm/year, for the period 1 April 2017 – 31 March 2030.

Small scale LNG vessel loading service

To contribute to maritime LNG development, Fosmax LNG is considering making short/medium-term investments to modify its existing facilities and to be able to receive the majority of existing or planned small scale LNG vessels at the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal.

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