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Bulletin board

The bulletin board is the list on which the companies interested in a transfer of capacities of access to the purchase or the sale appear. Fosmax LNG makes it available to farmers to facilitate their exchanges.


The French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) is an independent French administrative authority, created on 24 March 2000. It is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the energy market and for arbitrating the differences between users and the various operators. It regulates the three French LNG terminals. Its regulatory competence extends to the gas and electricity markets.

Cryogenic hoses

The cryogenic hoses are designed to safely transfer liquefied gas from a moving truck or cryogenic tank to a tank.


The protection of Commercially Sensitive Information (CSI) is a commitment to corporate social responsibility. It is part of the code of conduct of Fosmax LNG and ensures legal treatment to all customers to preserve transparency and confidentiality of information.

Dedicated storage space

This LNG storage space consists of the sum of your contractual storage space (obtained automatically in proportion to your subscription) and your monthly storage space (obtained by the monthly purchase of a storage space put on sale by Fosmax LNG).

Force majeure

Under certain circumstances, Fosmax LNG may be required to take steps to halt - partially or totally - the activity of the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal. This is referred to as force majeure.

LNG consultation body

Organized by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), the LNG consultation bodies bring together the various stakeholders of the terminal operators. Plenary committees and working groups provide an opportunity to discuss and discuss the conditions for access to regulated LNG terminals. This will strengthen competition by bringing significant benefits to market players, in particular in terms of transparency. After discussions, the operators submit proposals to the CRE for deliberation. This device prevents the creation of unjustified differences between the conditions of access to the various terminals while taking account of the specific technical characteristics of each of them.


Interconnection point from the LNG terminal to the grid.


In accordance with Article 4 of European Regulation No 1227/2011, market participants must publicly disclose the inside information they may have.

To facilitate the publication of this information, Fosmax LNG and Elengy provide a dedicated open access platform called REMIT.


Society of International Gas Tanker & Terminal Operators

Sister ship

The sister ships are identical ships: they have the same characteristics, the same size and the same class.


Uniform Send‐Out Option Rate (0,07 €/MWh)


Fixed Reloaded Rate (120 000 €/Reloading)


Micro Methane Vessel Fixed Reloading Rate (50 000 €/operation)


Fixed LNG Stock Transfer Rate (500 €/Month)

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