How to become a customer

Fosmax LNG offers numerous opportunities to companies wishing to be among the terminal’s customers to make the most of a service that is reliable and tailored to their needs.

In order to familiarize yourself with the regulatory context of access to the terminal, Fosmax LNG invites you to consult this section on the Downloads

The allocation of capacities

  • Terminal access capacities are regularly offered on the primary market; you will find all of the commercial transactions on the Sale of Capacities
  • To support the secondary capacities market, a Bulletin Board continually displays offers for the purchase and sale of capacities, and the assignment of capacities proposed in the general terms and conditions of the contract enabling each party to optimize its portfolio according to its needs,
  • Capacities may also be offered in accordance with the Use-it-or-Lose-it arrangements
  • At any time, an interested company may make an application for sale or purchase to the sales team, either just for a preliminary review, or with a view to the forthcoming conclusion of a contract. Fosmax LNG will endeavor to respond to it as soon as possible.

Fosmax LNG provides detailed information on its catalogue of services on the Presentation of Services page, and invites all interested companies to get in touch with the sales team, whose contact details can be found on the Contacts page.

The signing of the access contract

Fosmax LNG offers all of the terminal’s customers a standard contract, enabling the transparent and non-discriminatory use of access to the Fos-Cavaou terminal.

  • Any company having acquired or having been allocated capacity on the primary market or on the secondary market must, in order to become a customer of the terminal, conclude an access contract with Fosmax LNG comprising all of the documents available on the Contractual Terms and Conditions page, subject to it meeting the execution conditions.
  • To enable the speedy subscription of capacities, in particular in the context of spot purchase transactions, Fosmax LNG also suggests that each interested company sign a Framework Agreement. This agreement contains all of the contractual terms and conditions, but does not mention an unloading obligation. It will be updated with an amendment on the occasion of the subscription of capacities.

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