Secondary Market/Bulletin Board

Capacity assignment

A shipper may assign all or part of the capacity that it subscribed for, under the conditions mentioned in Article 25 of the General Terms and Conditions. To do this, each shipper makes a written application to Fosmax LNG.

Fosmax LNG undertakes to respond to this application as soon as possible.

Fosmax LNG encourages the development of the secondary market and publishes, in the following document, a list of companies interested in the transfer of capacity, who are customers or prospects for access to the terminal and who have expressed their desire to feature on this list: list of interested parties

If you wish to appear on this list, Fosmax LNG’s sales team is at your disposal, via the Contact section, to help you to do so.

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is a forum designed to encourage access capacity trading between shippers on the secondary market.

This tool makes it possible to post a request or an offer for the transfer of access capacity at the Fos-Cavaou terminal.


Any shipper that wishes to offer access capacities for purchase or sale on the Bulletin Board is invited to send a message to the following e-mail address:, specifying all of the necessary information (capacities, dates, etc.) as well as the contact details at which it wishes to be contacted.

Fosmax LNG undertakes to publish this information as soon as possible in the Capacity Offers and Capacity Requests sections below.

Fosmax LNG’s sole task with regard to the Bulletin Board consists of publishing the offers and requests received. Fosmax LNG cannot be held responsible for the content of the information published or the successful conclusion of the transactions to which it may give rise.

Bulletin board

Capacity Offers
Shippers have submitted the following capacity offers to Fosmax LNG to be published on the Bulletin Board:

GDF SUEZ have submitted, for each year over the period 1er April 2017-31st March, the following capacity:

  • 1TWh slot for the winter period (January-February-March-October-November-December),
  • 1TWh slot for the summer period (April-May-June-July-August-September).

Capacity Requests
Shippers have submitted the following capacity requests to Fosmax LNG to be published on the Bulletin Board:
There are no requests at this time.

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